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Gynecologic Oncologist & Robotic Surgeon
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Please join Dr. Pugmire and his office staff in this wonderful ovarian cancer awareness event! 
Village of Rochester Hills
104 N. Adams Rd
Saturday, September 17, 2016 10:00 am-1:00 pm
5K will depart from Carson's Lot at 9:30 am

For more info or to register:

Dear Current and Prospective Patients,

Welcome to I developed this website so that current and prospective patients could have a place to go to learn more about myself and the types of surgery that I perform. This website also serves as a place to gather information about your medical condition and the different treatment options that are available to you.

Being diagnosed with cancer can be devastating and can cause a considerable amount of anxiety. It is important to know that with the variety of treatment options available, there is an abundance of hope. With cutting edge da Vinci robotics technology, I am able to perform minimally invasive surgeries that lessen the chance of complications as well as decrease recovery times by minimizing the size of the incisions necessary for the various procedures.

I truly care about the welfare of each one of my patients and I enjoy developing a personal relationship with them. I strive to make my patients as comfortable as possible while they receive the best possible care. My patients are given my personal phone number so that I can be reached in the event of a medical emergency.

Feel free to browse through the website as there is a wealth of information available on my medical background, da Vinci robotics, as well as information about different medical conditions and the various procedures that I am able to perform.

Thank you for reviewing my site, I look forward to providing you with excellent medical care. 

Douglas Pugmire, D.O., FACOOG
Director, Robotic Surgery
Medical Director, Gynecologic Oncology